Dienstag 08. Januar 2019


Prof. Dr. Steve Cunningham

Children's Clinical Research Facility, University of Edinburgh; Centre for Inflammation Research

Titel: RSV and lower respiratory tract infection in young children

Zeit: 15:00 Uhr s.t.,
Ort: TWINCORE Seminar room 0.02

Ansprechpartner: Prof. Thomas Pietschmann


Infection of the lower respiratory tract is the most common infection in young children, with RSV associated with most deaths in vaccinated children. Vaccines, monoclonals and antivirals are promising, but identifying the population that they will best serve, and demonstrating clinical efficacy are challenging. Within a team at Edinburgh University, we are identifying population risks, seeking to better understand microbiome, host defence and inflammatory pathways in severe lower respiratory tract infection, and developing methodologies to understand the effect of vaccine interventions on lower respiratory tract infection in children using routinely collected data.