17. August 2018

3. LISA Key Note Lecture

Prof. Jose C. Alves-Filho, PhD Department of Pharmacology, Ribeirao Preto Medical School, University of Sao Paulo, Mechanisms of sepsis-induced long-term immunosuppression Zeit: 17.00 UhrOrt: TWINCORE Lecture Hall

14. August 2018

2. LISA Key Note Lecture

Prof. Dr. Edith M Hessel VP and Head Refractory Respiratory Inflammation DPU, GlaxoSmithKline, Brentford, UK, Discovering and developing novel targets for Respiratory Diseases – where to start Following your passion – the...

13. August 2018

1. LISA Key Note Lecture

Dr. Michelle Linterman Group Leader, Babraham Institute, Cambridge University, Germinal centres in secondary and tertiary lymphoid organs Zeit: 17.00 UhrOrt: TWINCORE Lecture Hall

25. Juni 2018

Miltenyi Biotec Seminar - New MACS innovations for more flexibility

Speaker: Caren Bartsch, Sales Area Manager, Miltenyi Biotec GmbH              Markus Geilich, Application Specialist, Miltenyi Biotec GmbH Title: New MACS...

14. Juni 2018



04. Juni 2018

TRAIN Akademie - Key Note Lecture

Öffentliche Vorlesung im Rahmen des Weiterbildungsprogramms „Translationale Forschung & Medizin: Von der Idee zum Produkt“ der TRAIN-Akademie: Sprecher: Prof. Dr. Stefan Knapp | Institut für Pharmazeutische Chemie,...

04. Juni 2018

TWINCORE und Uniklinik Aachen - Joint Seminar

Steeve Boulant, Ph.D. Department of Infectious Diseases, VirologyHeidelberg UniversityGerman Cancer Research Center (DKFZ) Titel: A polarized type III IFN immune response in human intestinal epithelia cells revealed potential...