Awards and Scholarships

Awards and Scholarships

Awards and Scholarships

09/2017: DZIF/DGI Dissertation Prize 2017 (Shuting Xu)

06/2017: German AIDS Award 2017 of the German Society for AIDS (Shuting Xu, Aurélie Ducroux und Christine Goffinet)

05/2017: Daniel Wolf Prize 2017 of the Cold Spring Harbor Retroviruses Meeting (Shuting Xu)

07/2015-04/2016: Postdoctoral fellowship of the Ernst & Margarete Wagemann Foundation (Aurélie Ducroux)

03/2015: Poster Prize 2015 of the Society for Virology (Shuting Xu)

09-10/2013: Travel Grant from the Boehringer Ingelheim Fonds (Aparna Ponnurangam)

06/2013-10/2013: Habilitation Fellowship from the Margarethe von Wrangell-Program (initially granted funding period 5 years, ended 10/2013 due to move to Hannover) (Christine Goffinet)

"Postdoktoranden-Preis 2012" for Virology of the Robert-Koch-Foundation (Christine Goffinet)

06/2012-06/2015: PhD fellowship according to the Landesgraduiertengesetz (Veronika Lodermeyer)

"Wolfgang-Stille-Award 2010" of the Paul-Ehrlich-Society for Chemotherapy (Christine Goffinet und Oliver Keppler)

01/2010-10/2010: Postdoctoral Fellowship of the medical Faculty of the University Heidelberg  (initially granted funding period 2 years, ended 10/2010 due to move to Ulm) (Christine Goffinet)

01/2008-12/2009: Postdotoral Fellowship of the Peter und Traudl Engelhorn Foundation (Christine Goffinet)

"Hygiene-Preis 2007" of the Rudolf-Schülke-Foundation (Christine Goffinet und Oliver Keppler)

"AIDS-Forschungspreis 2007" of the German Society for Infectiology (Christine Goffinet und Oliver Keppler)