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20. May 2015

Bacteria in cystic fibrosis lungs form particularly resistant biofilms - TWINCORE scientists uncover mechanism

Cystic Fibrosis, better known as mucoviscidosis is a treacherous hereditary disease. Caused by a metabolic disorder the body secretions of patients contain too little water. One of the consequences: The mucus in the patients'...

18. May 2015

Boehringer Ingelheim Stipendiatin am Institut für Infektionsimmunologie

Die Nachwuchswissenschaftlerin Lucía Minarrieta aus Uruguay wird in den kommenden drei Jahren bei ihrer Forschung am Institut für Infektionsimmunologie durch ein Stipendium des Boehringer Ingelheim Fonds (BIF) unterstützt. Sie...

11. May 2015

Doctoral award of the MHH for Anggakusuma

Anggakusuma, scientist at the Institute for Experimental Virology, received the Doctoral award of the Hannover Medical School for his research on the hepatitis C virus on May 8, 2015. This prize is donated by the Society of...

03. March 2015

Olfactory bulbs as a branch of the immune system - the olfactory brain defends independently against viruses

Our brain is one of the most protected areas of our body. Among other things, the blood-brain barrier ensures that only selected substances can pass from our bloodstream into the central nervous system and shields the brain from...

09. February 2015

A direct view into the "control center" of the immune system

Our immune system pursues different strategies with which it detects intruders and informs other cells of the danger. All these paths lead through a common node in the immune cells: the protein TAP. This protein is switched off...

09. February 2015

Volkswagen Foundation supports German-Israeli research project at TWINCORE

Over the next three years, the Institute for Infection Immunology receives 150,000 euros aid money from the Volkswagen Foundation for a Low Saxon-Israeli community project. In the context of the funding programme...

23. January 2015

Milupa Science Award for Scientists of TWINCORE

Eike Steinmann and Stephanie Pfänder of the Institute for Experimental Virology of TWINCORE recently received the 10,000 Euro "Nutricia Science Award". The milupa award annually honors innovative works that contribute...

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