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13. February 2017

WHO handrub formulations are effective against emerging viruses

In the last few years, previously unknown viruses or viruses, which were considered eliminated, have been unveiled: last year, the World Health Organization WHO declared “A Public Health Emergency of International Concern”...

16. January 2017

Mode of action of a novel RNA-adjuvants detected – successful collaboration with the CureVac AG

For displaying the full effect, vaccines usually need support - particularly if they are consisting of small peaces of the pathogen. The supporters are called adjuvant and they are normally not part of the pathogen. For most of...

13. January 2017

ERC Consolidator Grant for Susanne Häußler

Pseudomonas aeruginosa ist ein widerstandsfähiges Bakterium, das fast überall in der Umwelt vorkommt. Insbesondere Patienten mit Verbrennungen und Mukoviszidose-Erkrankte sind anfällig für eine chronische Infektion mit dem...

09. December 2016

DFG Priority-Project at innate sensing of HIV

How do cells sense and combat a retroviral infection? The newly funded DFG-Priority Programme „Innate Sensing and Restriction of Retroviruses“ will address this central question during the next six years. One of the currently...

28. November 2016

Hepatitis C and HIV prophylaxis from the microwave – A powerful kitchen tool reduces viral transmission in the drug injection community

Infections with hepatitis C virus (HCV) and human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) among people who inject drugs (PWID) are a global health problem. For example, sharing of drug preparation equipment within this population...

24. November 2016

DFG Grant for research on innate lymphoid cells

Angeborene Lymphoide Zellen sind eine relativ neu entdeckte Zellgruppe, die an der ersten Abwehr von Erregern beteiligt ist. Diese Zellen sitzen in Darm, Haut und Lunge – genaugenommen in allen Geweben, die unseren Körper von der...

28. October 2016

Jürgen-Wehland-Prize 2016 for Luciana Berod

Für ihre Forschung zur Immunmodulation erhielt Dr. Luciana Berod, Leiterin der Arbeitsgruppe Wirt-Pathogen-Interaktionen & Immunmetabolismus am Institut für Infektionsimmunologie den sechsten "Jürgen-Wehland-Preis...

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