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30. March 2011

30 March 11 TWINCORE Seminar

Prof. Dr. Thomas Tüting Dermatologische Klinik des Universitätsklinikums Bonn, Bonn Title: "Type I IFNs maintain the equlibrium between immunity and inflammation in melanoma" Time: 3:00 pm Location: TWINCORE...

07. September 2010

7 September 10 TWINCORE Lecture

Dr. Christian K. Schneider Federal Institute for Vaccines and Biomedicines, PEI, Langen Titel: First-in-human clinical trials with vaccines - what regulators want Time: 5:00 pm Location: TWINCORE Lecture...

24. August 2010

24.08.2010 TWINCORE Seminar

Prof. Dr. Stefan Dübel Institute of Biochemistry and Biotechnology, Technische Unviversität Braunschweig Titel: Recombinant human antibodies for proteomics, functional genomics and therapy Zeit: 12.30 Uhr st Ort: TWINCORE...

12. August 2010

12 and 13 August 10 TWINCORE-Symposium

Titel: Antimicrobials and Vaccines Time: 12 and 13 August 2010 Location: TWINCORE Lecture Hall

05. August 2010

05.08.2010 TWINCORE Seminar

Prof. Tim Tolker-Nielsen, PhD Faculty of Health Sciences, University of Copenhagen Titel: "Subpopulation Interactions during Pseudomonas aeruginosa biofilm formation" Zeit: 11.00 Uhr Ort: TWINCORE Lecture...

30. June 2010

30.06.2010 TWINCORE Seminar

John McLauchlan Institute of Virology, MRC Virology Unit, Glasgow Titel: The Contribution of Lipid Metabolism and Lipid Storage to Productive Infection by HCV Zeit: 12.30 Uhr Ort: TWINCORE Lecture...

16. June 2010

16 June 10 TWINCORE Seminar

Dr. Mathias Heikenwälder, PD Institute for Neuropathology, University Hospital Zürich (USZ) Titel: Sustained hepatic Lymphotoxin signalling in the development of chronic hepatitis and hepatocellular carcinoma. Implication for...

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