The range of events at TWINCORE reflects the entire breadth of translation activity. Scientists from TWINCORE and invited guests handle themes that cover the range from detailed basic research to clinical trial measures here. Regularly occurring events include:

  • Monday-Lunch-Club - scientific themes from TWINCORE
  • TWINCORE-Seminars - scientific papers from the field of translational infection research
  • TWINCORE- Lectures - lectures in direct association with pharmaceutical development
  • TWINCORE-Symposium - annual meeting of international translation experts

In addition, our scientists are also involved in the organisation of external conferences, symposia and workshops. These events can also be found here.


19. June 2019


Prof. Dr. Deniz Top Assistant Professor at the Department of Pharmacology, Dalhousie University, Halifax, Canada Title: Anatomically restricted regulatory mechanisms converge on circadian genes to govern behaviour When:...

29. August 2019

11. TWINCORE Symposium “Infection research meets big data“

29. August 2019 Wir begrüßen wieder internationale Wissenschaftler zum TWINCORE Symposium. Das Thema in diesem Jahr: “Infection research meets big data“ Guests are welcome. No registration required.