At TWINCORE are working about 40 scientists from more than 20 nations. An international scientific working environment is of concern to us at TWINCORE, because international influence enriches not only our translational science but also generates an inspiring, versatile environment for the people breathing life to science. Internationality at TWINCORE means not only to welcome motivated and well educated scientists from all over the world, but also sending our german scientists to other countries. They come back with new insights and experience - on their way to become cosmopolitan researchers.

Personal international contact between young scientists fosters not only the personal development of single researchers. They are also basic for new, trustful cooperations with international partners. To work together on our aim to globaly improve prevention, diagnosis and treatment of infectious diseases in humans.

Scholarships at TWINCORE

At TWINCORE researchers from all over the world study and work - many of them come to us with high-level scholarships. Here you find selected examples for scholarships, that allow a research stay at TWINCORE.

The European Molecular Biology Organization (EMBO) is an european organization that promotes excellence in the life sciences. The major goals of the organization are to support talented researchers at all stages of their careers, stimulate the exchange of scientific information, and help build a European research environment where scientists can achieve their best work. They provide scholarships for young scientists, who come from EMBO member states or want to work there. In any case, the scholarship holder has work in an other country than his study country.

The DAAD supports over 100,000 German and international students und researchers around the globe each year – making it the world’s largest funding organisation of its kind. We also promote internationalisation efforts at German universities, help developing countries build their own systems of higher education, and support German Studies and German language programmes abroad.

The Fulbright Program has international outreach, providing exchanges between the United States and over 160 countries and territories worldwide. Currently, fifty permanent commissions support the work of the Fulbright Program on the binational level, among them the German-American Commission. Annually about 8,000 scholars, American and foreign, participate in the Fulbright exchange. Since the inception of the Fulbright Program in 1946, it has sponsored approximately 310,000 scholars.

The largest and most varied of the Fulbright programs worldwide, the German-American Fulbright Program has sponsored over 45,000 Germans and Americans since its inception in 1952.

The Boehringer Ingelheim Fonds is a public foundation - an independent, non-profit organization for the exclusive and direct promotion of basic research in biomedicine. It supports up-and-coming junior scientists whose research projects experimentally elucidate the basic phenomena of human life. It is supporting some 120 outstanding junior researchers at the same time around the world.